Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Water dripping in some dark unseen cave.


What is the quality of a memory of a person who has died? The relationship with that person becomes like a photo; it captures a moment never changing. We seek to connect and it is all shadows and echoes.


How modest? As modest as a dead bird.



Relic: A belief or custom remainng as a trace of an earlier culture...Something cherished for its age or association with a person, place or event...An object of of religious veneration.


The mandorla is an ancient symbol that first represented the fertility of the Goddess and eventually co-opted by the Christians as a body halo around saints. When I first found this old horse curry brush, I immediatly thought of the mandorla and for me it's connection to the Goddess. It is bejeweled with fake pearls, beads, glitter and gold paint radiating out on wires to the universe.

Mother and Child

I had bought at a flea market a box of old family photos. In it were many images of a mother and her young children. I thought they looked like the poses in early christian art, even to the two little girls I cast as angels. I wanted to give this Madonna and child a bright and glittery altar to celebrate their divinity.

What The Water Washes Away

This piece is in honor of the victims of huricane Katrina.

Daily Madonna

In my hunting and gathering for found objects, I came across a woman's appointment calendar from 1957. I was struck by how much of her daily life I was able to glean from her entries. She wrote down every move she made. It was touching. The sacredness of her life was the detail she paid to her family and other domestic work. In some funny way, she was a daily Madonna.