Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Walk in the Woods #2

Both Walk in the Woods 1 and 2 were my meditations on humans relationship to Nature. It is something to think about, that there isn't an inch of this earth or atmoshere that hasn't been filled with trash.

Walk in the Woods #1

In addition to sharing the same theme as the picture above, this piece holds it's own special place in my body of work. Walk in the Woods # 1 has been in more shows than all my other pieces.

Persephone Rises

I have been interested in the Persephone myth for a very long time. For me it is her reationship to her Mother, Demeter, that has caught my imagination, especially after given birth to my own daughter. Here was a mother who could terrorize the earth in grieving for the loss of her child. Persephone Rises hallmarks the reuniting of the daughter and mother.

People's Shrine

I created this piece a few months before 9-11. I have been always deeply moved by roadside shrines that marked an accident or even a sacred place. There was always a mixture of common and sacred objects that I found remarkable. A cross road where the seen and unseen met. Of-course this image became intensified with the arrival of so many shrines to honor those who had died in the destruction of the World Trade Center. All those little pieces of people's lives now transformed into holy relics.


The observer could be the artist seeing the world or the goverment spying on us.

Mourning After

In honor of my friend, Donna Moseman, a fellow artist, gone too soon.

Lucky Leg

For A Little While

He Left Us